Receive 12 months access to an industry leading mentor + full access to our Foundation program and much more.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Benefit quickly from their previous mistakes and successes

93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success

Gain real-life actionable experience from your mentor not from textbooks

Validates your decision making before taking action

Personalized advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

Avoid common pitfalls and save years of experience and money

An unlimited network of people who can benefit your career growth

Provides reassurance and increases self-confidence

70% of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years

Provides you with effective methods and strategies to overcome key challenges

Accelerator Program Overview


9 Core Learning Video Sessions

Pitching your Business for Funding

Industry Leading Mentor

2-Hour Live Master Class Q&A

12 months On-Demand Access

27 Critical Success Insights

Over 300 Actionable Tips

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Study Guides and Success Checklists

Practical Business tips from a Highly Successful Entrepreneur

2 Bonus Sessions on Product Development and Secrets to Selling

What will you Learn

Business Idea Validation

Establishing your Business

Consumer & Competitor Analysis

Branding & Marketing

Customer Acquisition

Market Assessment

Financial Forecasting and Planning

Raising Smart Finance

Strategic Thinking

Selling & Exiting your Business

Benefits of Mentoring

Develops a supportive relationship

Assists with problem solving

Improves self-confidence

Offers professional development

Encourages reflection on practice

Provides impartial advice and encouragement

Expands your network of contacts

Proven Methods and Strategies

Helps Avoid Common Pitfalls

Who can take this Program



Business Owners


Management Professionals

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

CEO's & CFO's

Accelerator Program Curriculum

Start a Business or Accelerate your Business Growth with the Most Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Program

Session 1

Identifying entrepreneurship opportunity

The necessary work to kick-off your business with the right foundations.

Session 2

Establish Start-Up

Early effective planning, correct prioritisation of activities that ensure you can get out of the gates with the essentials in place.

Session 3

Marketing & Branding

The key considerations to your business identity, its relationship to your consumer, to aligning your marketing messaging - to selecting the correct marketing channels.

Session 4

The Keys to a Great Product/Service

At the heart of the start-up is the product or service, Martin explores the traits of a successful product/service, while learning how to avoid the pitfalls of the build stage.

Session 5

Business Planning & Raising Finance

Review and understand how effective planning, business validation, plan presentation and your engagement approach with investors’ leads to very effective fundraising.

Session 6

The Secrets to Hiring

Discover the practical benefits of candidate testing, and Critical questions to ask your candidate - discover why great leaders pose consistently similar questions to ensure great hiring decisions.

Session 7

Measuring Key Metrics

Martin lasers in on the fundamental concepts, and the important metrics for running your start-up. Beyond understanding the metrics themselves, understand how to improve them.

Session 8

Strategic Thinking

Martin covers a spectrum of areas including, but not limited to, customer behavior, stakeholder management, shareholder engagement, business model, capital efficiency, product management, marketing, and risk.

Session 9

Preparing for Exit

Understanding the fundamentals of the sale (the exit) will place you in the best possible position to analyze and deliver the outcome you want.


One-to-one Mentoring advice from Martin Warner for 12 months

Get Exclusive 12-Month 1-2-1 Access to Martin Warner to Help You Achieve Entrepreneur Success.

Pitch Your Business

Get Your Business Funded by Martin Warner

Receive investment for your own business from Martin.

Live Master Class Q&A Session

Attend a 2-Hour Live Master Class Q&A with Martin Warner

Ask Martin any questions about the content covered in the Program of from everyday life as an entrepreneur.

Bonus Content

For a Limited Time Only, you will also receive two extra sessions.

The Guide to Developing a Great Product

Martin discusses informally everything you need to know to develop a great product. This session will immerse yourself in thinking like a product developer and understand the multiple facets of product development cycle.

The Secrets to Exiting Your Business

This session is an informal guide that drives at important points surrounding the exit process of a business. Each area is broken down by Martin in detail - allowing you to think about key considerations and tips about this subject!