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Are you looking to build a successful business and get direct help and advice from someone who has been there countless times before?

Have you always wanted to work for yourself but never had the self-belief to get started?

Maybe you already have a business idea but you need expert advice and guidance on how to turn that idea into a profitable business?

Perhaps you know that you can run your own business, but you are also aware that you need to acquire knowledge and skills before you jump in?

You might even already own a business and want help to take it to the next level?

Whether you are looking to build a business from scratch or grow an existing one, having the right advice is crucial.

Without the right advice, you end up on the wrong path. You find yourself making poor decisions that can lead to your business failing.

There’s a reason why 95% of successful start-up founders say mentorship was critical to their success.

If you are serious about being successful then the best place to start is being mentored by someone who has been there before.

World-Class Mentorship And Education From A Leading Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Seminar Accelerator Program combines an award-winning entrepreneurial education with direct mentoring, giving you all the tools and advice you need to build a business to help you live your dream life.

Program leader and mentor Martin Warner has helped over 250,000 entrepreneurs and built several multi-million dollar businesses from scratch over a 25-year career. Now Martin has curated the Accelerator Program to help ambitious entrepreneurs do the same.

As you complete the Accelerator Program you will gain the confidence, knowledge, and unwavering support you need to start or grow your own business.

Three Reasons Why People Are Choosing Entrepreneurship And Mentorship

#1) Nothing Beats The Feeling Of Starting Each Day Motivated To Work On What Excites You

There’s a reason that 96% of entrepreneurs don’t want to go back to a full-time job.

No more staying late to finish a report that no one will read or stressful deadlines that cause you to lose sleep at night. As an entrepreneur, you set your own rules, deciding what you work on each day and when.

#2) You Get To Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss comes with serious responsibilities, but the rewards are incredible. Running your own business means YOU are in control of your future. You get to benefit directly from the decisions you make.

You will also get more fairly compensated for the effort you put in. The anger and disappointment of missing out on promotions or raises at work will become a thing of the past.

#3) Mentoring Gives You A Faster Route To Profitability

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a mentor or advisor. Mentors guide, advise, and provide an experienced perspective that helps the mentee to achieve further success.

Starting a business is hard work, and it's no secret that most start-ups fail. However, studies have shown that mentoring helps a business reach profitability faster - which is crucial for the early years.

The advantages of mentoring are well known. 94% of small business owners agree that mentorship had a direct impact on their success. Not only that, but 64% of mentored businesses turn a profit in their first year, with that number rising to over 84% by year four.

The statistics don’t lie. Teaming up with a mentor in the early stages of your business dramatically increases your chances of success.

Who Is The Accelerator Program For?

The Entrepreneur Seminar Accelerator Program is for both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners who wish to fast-track their way to running a highly successful business. The combination of teaching and mentoring means that you are receiving the very best education and advice. This will help propel your business to success.

You can be from any background, any industry, or any job - the #1 requirement to join this program is a passion for learning and entrepreneurship.

If you know you’re ready to build a new business or scale your existing one, and you know that a successful career in entrepreneurship is what you want, then the Accelerator Program is perfect for you.

Accelerator Program Curriculum

Over nine modules you will learn:


How To Identify Opportunities In Entrepreneurship


How To Establish Your Start-up


Marketing, Branding And Messaging


The Keys To Building A Great Product Or Service


How To Write A Business Plan & Raise Finance


The Secrets To Great Recruitment


How To Measure The Critical Business Metrics


How To Think Strategically


How To Sell Your Business

What's Included

365 days of direct, 1-2-1 mentoring access to world-class entrepreneur Martin Warner

The key component of the Accelerator Program revolves around mentoring. It is the part of the program our entrepreneurs are most keen to begin. You can tap into Martin’s wealth of knowledge to gain advice about any aspect of your business or entrepreneurship in general.

Martin has built several multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch in several industries - including a 3D printing company that went from $0 to $50million in a record 17 months. His vast mentoring and practical experience across a range of sectors means that you get world-class advice that you can directly apply to your business.

You will find that you can approach Martin directly about a range of subjects - including business idea validation, marketing, raising finance, establishing the business, customer acquisition, branding, business strategy, product development, sales, and so much more.

You unlock access to the mentoring portal from the minute you join the Accelerator Program. To make the most from this course we highly recommend that you take full advantage of this.

Nine teaching modules that cover the essentials of business and entrepreneurship

As soon as you join the Accelerator Program you will unlock 365 days of access to an award-winning training program in entrepreneurship. Carefully curated and written by Martin himself, the teachings inside will leave you with a deep understanding of all key areas in business and entrepreneurship.

The nine modules cover the complete life cycle of a business - from ideation to exit. As you complete the training you will develop the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to be highly successful in any business situation.

Each module also contains a written study guide and success checklist to help you further reinforce the learnings.

Live Masterclass Q&A’s With Martin And Fellow Entrepreneurs Each Month

We’re committed to your success. That’s why for as long as you are part of the Accelerator Program you can join LIVE monthly Q&A sessions with Martin - where you can pitch your questions (about anything business-related) to him in real-time.

The Masterclasses are where all of our entrepreneurs come together in a supportive environment perfect for fostering growth, and learning. You will find that you leave each Masterclass feeling inspired, full of ideas, and with a host of new contacts to help build your network.

Access To The ‘Conversations’ Library

Your Accelerator Program access also includes unrestricted access to Entrepreneur Seminar’s ‘Conversations’ library. Conversations’ are a series of informal interviews with Martin, where you will discover key insights, learnings, and tips from his 25+ years as a leading entrepreneur.

Each session lasts about 25 minutes and is a fascinating insight into the mind of a successful entrepreneur.

A selection of the available titles include:

  • What Makes A Great Entrepreneur
  • How To Build A Great Business
  • What Investors Are Looking For - Getting Into The Investors Mind
  • Secrets To Great Hiring
  • Behind The Scenes Of Product Success
  • What Martin Has Learned Over 25 Years As An Entrepreneur

Opportunity To Pitch Your Business For Investment

An opportunity unlike one you will find in any other program - after you have been part of the Accelerator Program for six months you can pitch your business to Martin himself and if successful, receive investment.

Plus, You Also Get The Following Free Bonuses

A-Z Guide For Developing A Great Product

This bonus teaching session will help you delve deep into the mindset of a great product developer. Alongside customers, your product or service is at the heart of your business. This session provides you with vital insight and learnings at every stage of the product life cycle.

The Secrets To Exiting Your Business

In your second bonus session, you will uncover the most important points that will come up as you exit a business. Martin, who has successfully sold numerous businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars will guide you through the key considerations you should make when selling a business.

Is This The Right Program For Me?

  • Do you see yourself now or in the future running a highly successful business, able to live life on your terms?
  • Are you ready to benefit from world-class mentoring, from a leading entrepreneur who can guide you through your entrepreneurial journey - every step of the way?
  • Are you seeking to deepen or broaden your business knowledge to better equip yourself to succeed?
  • Do you want to build a successful business that takes care of you or your family financially for years to come?
  • If you can answer yes to any of these questions above then the Accelerator Program is for you.

Success Stories

Jax Jones

Internationally renowned recording artist & DJ

Martin being a serial entrepreneur in so many industries, his unique insights empowered me to view my music through a business lens.

Now I’ve found the best model for growth, how to develop my existing brand and public perception to create dense brand loyalty and how to hire the right talent to help me on my journey. So many lessons! Now I’m the…

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Fred Krom

Tampa, USA

Martin Warner, investment banker turned serial entrepreneur, provides the perfect all-in-one startup seminar covering everything from building the right MVP to validating proof of concept to building a unified and skilled team to fund raising and exit strategies.

Every bit is as good as Sam Altman’s “How to Start a Startup” class taught at Stanford…

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Glen Francis

Bristol, UK

The help I have received so far has been invaluable and exceptional in the same breath. The program to date has met all my expectations especially what you have created for me including the very detailed responses you provide; something you don't get from others I've had in the past. In fact, it's the best program I've come across in many years of…

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Trial The Accelerator Program Risk-Free

Don’t decide right now. When you join the Accelerator Program, there is a seven-day money-back guarantee.

If you have second thoughts about continuing, you can activate the 7-day money-back guarantee, so long as you haven’t accessed the program content or engaged with it.

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When you join the program today you will unlock instant access to all of the below:

1-2-1 direct access to the mentoring portal where you can immediately begin your mentoring by contacting Martin

Nine video teachings covering

  • How To Identify Opportunities In Entrepreneurship
  • How To Establish Your Start-up
  • Marketing, Branding And Messaging
  • The Keys To Building A Great Product Or Service
  • How To Write A Business Plan & Raise Finance
  • The Secrets To Great Recruitment
  • How To Measure The Critical Business Metrics
  • How To Think Strategically
  • How To Sell Your Business

Plus - nine study guides and nine success checklists for each of the modules.

  • Access to LIVE monthly Masterclasses where you can pitch your business questions to Martin in real-time
  • Unrestricted access to Entrepreneur Seminar’s ‘Conversations’ library
  • Opportunity to pitch your business or business idea to Martin directly and if successful, receive investment
  • The ‘A-Z Guide To Building A Great Product Or Service’ bonus training
  • ‘The Secrets To Exiting A Business’ bonus training

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