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Are you ready to gain all the tools, advice and knowledge you need to start your own business?

Perhaps you have always wanted to start your own business but never knew what steps to take next?

Maybe you have been toying with a business idea for a while but now you finally want to get the advice and guidance you need to take it to the next level?

You might even be an existing business owner who is looking for mentoring and support as you work to expand your business.

Whilst not easy, entrepreneurship is an incredibly rewarding career path if you succeed. The benefits of being your own boss go far beyond financial ones (although these can be great too).

However, it’s a well known fact that most small businesses don’t make it past year three. Even less make it past year five. Why? Because most entrepreneurs don’t ensure that they have the foundations of their business right. They don’t have the necessary knowledge to grow their business, or most importantly, the necessary advice and support network they need to succeed.

Entrepreneurs who receive mentorship as they start their own business are five times more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Mentorship helps you increase your knowledge, self-belief and chances of business success.

You might have been putting off working on your business idea because you didn’t have the self-belief, support or knowledge to make it work - until now.

Get Ready To Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey With World-Class Mentoring And Education

The Entrepreneur Seminar Starter Program gives you the ultimate introduction to business and entrepreneurship. Combining mentoring from Martin Warner (a highly successful entrepreneur), plus a deep training in entrepreneurship you will get first-hand experience of what it’s like to run your own successful business.

Program leader and creator of Entrepreneur Seminar Martin Warner has spent over 25 years practicing and teaching entrepreneurship. He has built several global multimillion dollar businesses from scratch and helped over 250,000 entrepreneurs build their own businesses too.

As you experience the Starter Program you will learn how to navigate the ideation, validation and creation of your business all with the direct, 1-2-1 support from Martin himself.

Three Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Build Your Own Business

#1) Nothing Beats The Feeling Of Starting Each Day Motivated To Work On What Excites You

There’s a reason that 96% of entrepreneurs don’t want to go back to a full-time job.

No more staying late to finish a report that no one will read or stressful deadlines that cause you to lose sleep at night. As an entrepreneur, you set your own rules, deciding what you work on each day and when.

#2) You Control Your Future

Entrepreneurship is hard, but the rewards are worth it. You get to benefit directly from the decisions you make, and you get to decide the direction your business and career moves in.

It’s not a cheat code to success, but the rewards from entrepreneurship are hard to match in any other career.

#3) It Is Easier Than Ever To Put Yourself In Front Of Customers

Consumption of online content is higher than it has been before. The available channels for you to reach customers are expanding rapidly. People are spending more and more time in front of screens each day, exposed to advertisements, social media, and video content. This means that you have an ever-growing opportunity to put your business in front of your ideal customers.

Who Is The Starter Program For?

The Starter Program is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for an introduction to the subject or want to experience the benefits of mentoring for the first time You don’t have to be an existing entrepreneur to join, all we ask for is a passion and interest in entrepreneurship.

You might already have a business idea that you wish to pursue, or you may already have an existing business that you want to begin to scale. The Starter Program is ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into entrepreneurship or wishing to scale their first business.

Starter Program Curriculum

You will learn the essential skills that all great entrepreneurs must have.


How To Identify Opportunities In Entrepreneurship

Learn the differences between different types of entrepreneurs, and which group you fit into

Discover how to transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur

Learn how to develop the key traits that all great entrepreneurs share

How to efficiently analyse different business opportunities, and know when the time is right to pursue an idea

Deepen your business knowledge in the essentials of patenting, raising finance, market analysis, hedged outcome analysis, USPs, and more.

What's Included

Video Teaching

You will receive access to a 55-minute video learning session. Inside, Martin Warner will take you through a structured learning program to develop and reinforce your knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.

Written Study Guide

The Starter Program contains a written 22-page study guide to help you deepen your learning. The study guide is in PDF format, so you can print and make notes as you go. It expands on the content taught in the video lesson, and most entrepreneurs find using both at the same time highly beneficial.

Success Checklist

The success checklist will help you to consolidate your learnings into note form. For every stage you reach in your own business, you can refer back to the success checklist to ensure that you have covered every step.

Doing this helps you be sure that you are following the teachings in the program effectively and putting them into practice in your business.

30 Days Of Direct 1-2-1 Business Mentoring With Martin Warner

One of the critical components of the Starter Program revolves around mentoring. It is the part of the program our entrepreneurs are most keen to begin. You can tap into Martin’s wealth of knowledge to gain advice about any aspect of your business or entrepreneurship in general.

Martin has built several multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch in several industries - including a 3D printing company that went from $0 to $50million in a record 17 months. His vast mentoring and practical experience across several sectors means that you get world-class advice that you can directly apply to your business.

You will find that you can approach Martin directly about a range of subjects - including business idea validation, marketing, raising finance, establishing the business, customer acquisition, branding, business strategy, product development, sales, and so much more.

You unlock access to the mentoring portal from the minute you join the Starter Program. To make the most from this program we highly recommend that you take full advantage of this.

1 Live Masterclass Q&A’s With Martin And Fellow Entrepreneurs

We’re committed to your success. That’s why when you join the Starter Program you get an invitation to a live Q&A Masterclass - where you can pitch your questions (about anything business-related) to him in real-time.

The Masterclass is where all of our entrepreneurs come together in a supportive environment perfect for fostering growth, and learning. You will find that you leave the class feeling inspired, full of ideas, and with a host of new contacts to help build your network.

Lifetime Access To The Starter Program E-Book Bundle

Deepen your entrepreneurial knowledge covering “must-master” areas of business. You will find the following bonus e-books in your member’s area.

The Entrepreneur’s Book of Secrets >> contains 60 pages of insights and tips that can help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls in entrepreneurship.

​The Guide to Raising Money for Your Business >> includes all the various ways of raising money for your business and how to do it.

Expert Training Advice for Entrepreneurs >> will give you critical business insights & tips from world-class leaders that are essential to your development as an entrepreneur.

Case Study Training

Martin will guide you through a specific case study where you will learn the framework, methodology, and exact techniques used to grow bOTObjects (a 3D desktop printing company) from a $0 - $50 million business in just 17 months.

You will be able to take all the learnings from this case study and apply them to your business idea or business.

Is This The Right Program For Me?

  • Are you curious about entrepreneurship or looking to start your own business?
  • Do you wish to learn more about the key skills required to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • Are you looking to experience the benefits of business mentoring for the first time and get help starting or growing your business?
  • Have you got a business idea that you have been considering and now finally want to take action and get started?
  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Starter Program is perfect for you.

Success Stories

Jax Jones

Internationally renowned recording artist & DJ

Martin being a serial entrepreneur in so many industries, his unique insights empowered me to view my music through a business lens.

Now I’ve found the best model for growth, how to develop my existing brand and public perception to create dense brand loyalty and how to hire the right talent to help me on my journey. So many lessons! Now I’m the…

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Fred Krom

Tampa, USA

Martin Warner, investment banker turned serial entrepreneur, provides the perfect all-in-one startup seminar covering everything from building the right MVP to validating proof of concept to building a unified and skilled team to fund raising and exit strategies.

Every bit is as good as Sam Altman’s “How to Start a Startup” class taught at Stanford…

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Glen Francis

Bristol, UK

The help I have received so far has been invaluable and exceptional in the same breath. The program to date has met all my expectations especially what you have created for me including the very detailed responses you provide; something you don't get from others I've had in the past. In fact, it's the best program I've come across in many years of…

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Don’t decide right now. When you join the Starter Program, there is a seven-day money-back guarantee.

If you have second thoughts about continuing, you can activate the 7-day money-back guarantee, so long as you haven’t accessed the program content or engaged with it.

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  • 30 days direct 1-2-1 mentoring with leading entrepreneur Martin Warner
  • Invitation to a live Q&A Masterclass with Martin
  • Lifetime access to the Starter Program e-book bundle
  • Two Conversations Video Teachings From Martin
  • Case study training session ($0 - $50million in just 17 months)

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